Sydney’s record 7 days of storms!


Sydney and much of eastern Australia are feeling tropical with hot and humid days exploding in severe thunderstorms every afternoon! It’s day 10 of storms over eastern Australia, and for Sydney it’s now seven days straight which is a record! The previous record was five days in a row.

So why are we getting so many storms here and why does it feel like Bali?

Geography has a lot to do with it. The Great Dividing Range is a very long mountain range that stretches all the way from northeast Queensland down to western Victoria. For Sydney, the Blue Mountains is a part of that range that has the most influence over its weather.

As winds hit the mountains they’ve got nowhere to go which forces them upwards. As hot air rises it reaches much cooler temperatures higher up in the atmosphere which causes it to condense and form into water droplets. We see this as clouds.

Another way of imagining this is when you take a cold can out of the fridge, little droplets start to form on the can. That’s because the warmer air outside the fridge is coming into contact with a much colder can, which causes it to condense and form into water droplets.

At the moment, there’s an almost persistent stream of warm and humid air over eastern Australia. This is because northeasterly winds are carrying this moist air from the tropical Coral Sea off Queensland across to the eastern mainland, making it feel like Bali. On top of the humidity, and the fact that we have a mountain range forcing the humid air upwards to form clouds, there have also been a number of troughs in the region creating the perfect instability for thunderstorms every afternoon!

After storms on Monday, there’s a reprieve on Tuesday with a low chance of showers (it’s most likely to stay pretty dry). Showers are expected to return later on Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday are the big days with storms set to return and possible heavy falls. We could see severe storm on both days. Conditions should ease over the weekend.

How is this tropical weather affecting you?

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