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Sultry nights call for sushi

31 / 03 / 15

Sokyo Sydney’s Chase Kojima is the latest chef to get amongst the Gold Coast’s growing brood of sophisticated foodie haunts. Kojima is overseeing Jupiter’s latest venture Kiyomi, a modern Japanese izakaya-style restaurant. Now that I’m living in Byron Bay, I get to check out what’s happening over the border a lot more often!


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Sydney’s record 7 days of storms!

08 / 12 / 14


Sydney and much of eastern Australia are feeling tropical with hot and humid days exploding in severe thunderstorms every afternoon! It’s day 10 of storms over eastern Australia, and for Sydney it’s now seven days straight which is a record! The previous record was five days in a row.

So why are we

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Summer’s kicking off with a bang!

01 / 12 / 14

It’s a very sticky and stormy start to summer. A large part of Australia will be uncomfortably humid with widespread rain and storms all week!

The worst affected capital cities for storms are Sydney and Canberra with both getting rattled by thunder and lightning every day. Melbourne and Adelaide’s most volatile days will be mid-week, …

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