Warming, comforting, moody.

Cold remedy: Slow roasted tomato and turmeric soup

31 / 05 / 16

While I’m loving the cold weather, it’s knocked us around and Archie, Darren and I spent the entire weekend at home with colds! But it was the perfect excuse to cook up all sorts of health-boosting meals with our freshly harvested turmeric and I’m pleased to say that after three days we’re all better!


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Winter snack: my super date and maca protein balls

29 / 07 / 15

During winter, it’s easy to snack on unhealthy, nutrient-poor foods like chocolate and chippies, especially when you’re feeling sluggish and low on energy. All you want to do is sit on the couch!

But try and set aside 10 minutes because that’s all you need to make these super nutritious and tasty protein balls. Once …

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My winter warming caffeine-free chai

03 / 07 / 15

For me, chai is the ultimate comforting drink on cold, crisp winter days. It brings back memories of an early morning road trip to Falls Creek with Darren, sipping on the warm, spicy milk as we ascended up the hill and it started snowing. Heaven!

Now that I’m pregnant I’ve to come up with

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